Divorce in Australia
Getting a divorce seems to be the solution of many problems to the married couples these days that get very much stressed out off their wedding vows. This is often a correct decision made by them in order to get their lives in order and to move on in their respective lives with a new perspective and new ventures ahead. 

For those living in Australia getting a SEPERATION from one another hasn’t been a great problem since the change of the family act in 1975. This made the whole divorce procedure a fairly simple thing to do if they go by the proper laws and follow the appropriate procedures. The court sees that there is only one reason for SEPERATION and that it cites to be irreconcilable differences. Before the change of laws the procedure could often be very much complicated and rough on the people going through it.

Those who are willing to go for the process of divorce in Australia it must be notes that there are clearly three basic important processes which must be concentrated on. They are the divorce process, property affairs and settling the children issues. The divorce in Australia process comprises of a simple step by step process which begins with the file application for divorce by the concerned people to the responsible authorities. Then the court hears decree nisi after the application is served on the respondent. This whole process takes about six to eight weeks on an average with the file response being taken in just within twenty eight days which is a very short time as compared to the forty two days taken up in the file response overseas.

Then after about a month and a day passes after the court hearing decree nisi the decree absolute marriage is being dissolved and the couples are finally separated. Then for some who like there is an option of a Divorce party. This basic and simple procedure resolves the problems going on for very long in a very short span of time with a minimum wastage of time, money and the least possible tension. Those who also wish to settle matters regarding their property settlement and their children settlement; they have to follow a very simple and similar procedure starting again with the filing of applications.

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